Mergers & Acquisitions

Our company has developed a unique brokering process that is designed to provide exceptional value to both buyers and sellers. Our five-step process is well thought out and comprehensive, covering key stages of the brokering process, from goal analysis to buyer due diligence. 1

Less than 1% brokers do the due diligence before buyers get their eyes on the listing and we proudly provide this service to the seller. 2

By deeply analyzing our clients' goals and success criteria, we gain a clear understanding of what they want to achieve through the transaction. This allows us to develop a tailored strategy that is customized to their needs, which results in better outcomes.

Going to market is an important step in the brokering process, as it allows us to reach a wider pool of potential buyers. This helps generate more interest in the transaction, which leads to more favorable terms and conditions for our clients.  While we actively market the business gaining traction on the listing from potential buyers, we conduct the broker due diligence parallel to the ongoing marketing efforts.

Broker due diligence is the key process, as it involves a comprehensive assessment of the transaction's feasibility, risks, and potential issues. This helps identify and address any potential problems early on, which can prevent costly mistakes down the line.

Obtaining multiple offers is an amazing cornerstone step, as it allows the broker and the seller to compare and contrast different options to find the best possible outcomes. This can also create a sense of competition among potential buyers, which can drive up the value of the transaction.  We have extensive experience in selling commercial real estate and we bring the same experience to the business world gapping the bridge in key expectations.

Finally, conducting buyer due diligence is crucial, as it allows verification that the buyer is capable of closing the transaction and has the resources to follow through on their commitments. This can help to prevent deals from falling through and ensure that your clients achieve their desired outcomes. 2

Overall, our company has developed a brokering process that is designed to deliver exceptional results for clients. By following these five steps, we challenge the industry status quo and raise the bar for what clients can expect from a brokerage firm.

1 Multiple smaller steps are taken besides the 5 listed in which buyer and seller might or might not take an active part

2 Performing due diligence before presenting a listing to potential buyers is a good business practice that can help minimize risks and ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly. By conducting a thorough review of the property or business, the seller can identify any potential issues that may impact the sale or result in legal or financial liabilities for the buyer. This can include checking the property's title and ownership, verifying financial records, reviewing contracts, and assessing any legal or regulatory compliance issues.  By doing due diligence upfront, sellers can also be more transparent with potential buyers and provide them with accurate information about the property or business. This can help build trust and credibility, which can ultimately lead to a smoother and more successful transaction.  Due diligence is hard work and not commonly practiced by brokers.  We proudly provide this service as part of the transaction fee.