Market Research

Business Intelligence

Real Estate Experts in Healthcare Information Technology

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Boutique Services

Owner Operators and large businesses

  • Business development & growth strategies

  • Expand operations with strategic real estate

  • Business acquisitions

  • Business exit planning

  • Identify operational risks and financial disasters

Upcoming and Seasoned Investors

  • NNN investments nationwide

  • Portfolio ROI management

  • Auction hunting

  • Distressed assets consulting

  • Off-market deal-making

Opportunity Placement

  • Employee into business owner (bye bye 9 to 5)

  • Business owner into Investor (you own investments)

10 Reasons to work with us

  1. We believe in long term relationship not short term affair

  2. We give personalized attention

  3. We are boutique and is our number No. 1 strength

  4. We are your partner in a crowded yet lonely market

  5. We are super collaborative

  6. We are active listeners

  7. We do keep you away from the sales pressure

  8. We do hardcore due diligence of unbeatable value

  9. You’ll never have the need to say “let me think about it”

  10. Our brand promise is

“best results or keep our commission”

(terms and conditions apply)

The Dutch word “Zin” has many meanings and that is exactly what we wanted for our clients, to add many meanings to their lives through our services.


“meaning, opinion, want, will, wish, desire, disposal, feel, intention, plan, feeling, inclination, pleasure, sensation, tendency, willingness, signification”