Founder BIO

Vikramjeet Singh, or "Vik," is a thriving entrepreneur in Commercial Real Estate.  As Founder and CEO of Zinble Partners, an emerging agency that specializes in buy-side and sell-side representation, his team provides exceptional service while building strong relationships that inspire loyalty.  Vik's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives him to challenge the norm and exceed expectations through innovative approaches that challenge the status quo.

Vik is a lateral thinker and an active listener who leads with a counseling and coaching work style. Throughout his career, he has found himself at his best when fixing chronic issues that many others have tried to handle with minimum success. Being a systematic individual, he employs frameworks in his approach. However, he also comprehends the limitations of all frameworks, and therefore strives for a balance between data-driven insights and intuition-based decisions when setting goals.

Vik began his professional journey at IBM before transitioning to JPMorgan Chase. He later spent 15 years at BNP Paribas Banking Technology, becoming a Project and Delivery Manager in multiple domains. Having founded his own tech company catering to small and medium-sized businesses, Vik later went on to create a Fitness Training Matchmaker Platform as his capstone project for his Master's at Columbia University. He and his high school buddy had a four-year joyride as DJs in the 90s - a fun fact.

Originally from New Delhi, Vik has spent most of his life residing in Long Island City until his recent move to Long Island in 2020. He values his role as a family man and is a proud father to three daughters. During his free time, he indulges in playing badminton and billiards. He also enjoys taking on DIY construction projects as a weekend warrior, constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and skill set in this area.

Vik is determined to enhance himself and his company every day to provide superior service to his clients. He is inspired by Charles Darwin's principle that successful individuals are those who can collaborate and improvise effectively “In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” ― Charles Darwin